Catching Up

Well, I suppose I do not even need to explain why I haven’t posted anything since February. Contrarywise, perhaps maybe I do. After all, I have been doing fuck-all nothing for the past couple months.

That’s not entirely true. I’ve been Tweeting, watching various TV shows and movies, playing Animal Crossing (but not the new one), creating music, writing (just not here), and doing various other little things to keep me distracted from this blog.

Every day, I think “Boy howdy, do I ever need to post more on that blog again.” or “Maybe I should write another weird poem.” but then I fall asleep on the sofa or watch a documentary on the Neolithic era. I suppose it’s better than doing truly nothing.

However, I felt it necessary to start posting again, and, in the words of Rage Against The Machine, what better place than here? What better time than now?

Yes, I know that’s not what they were singing about… or was it? For all we know, there could be an inherently pro-blogging message to all that socio-political mumbo jumbo they seemed so fond of.

Anyways, I have a few plans on some upcoming posts I intend to post within the next few days, as well as picking back up the whole poetry angle.

After all… What else is there to do?

If At First…

Trial and error.
That’s what they say.
Neither of those,
sound like positive
things to me.

You win some,
You lose some.
Now there’s a phrase
that has a sense of balance.
That’s something
I can get behind.

Not this nonsense
about trying
and fucking up.

Although, that is
a far more realistic
approach to life.

And people call me
a pessimist.

Turn It

“Just turn it.
Twist it to the left.
No, turn it harder.”

“I can’t get it to budge.”

Lying on my back
Under a giant vehicle
Was not how I wanted
To spend my afternoon.

But there I was
Listening to the voices
In the death trap above,

Unaware they had just
Run me over.